EARTH & the moon
What is Vertigo?What is Vertigo?
we are all analog creatures
born of light & love
Analog de Lēon
always begin in the mornings 
and on the rooftops.

Analog de Lēon
was named for the french term,
Coeur de Leon.
It means lion heart.  
The heart is our 
a n a l o g
connection to humanity.
It gives us life,
animates the soul.

This brave new age
of infinite progress
is trying desperately
to convince us
that we are digital,
that our humanity
is not of the earth
but of the air,
of the wifi and the radio waves,
of the 5Gs and the AIs.

Analog de Lēon
is one voice in the
r e s i s t a n c e.

O, Lost.
We are a paralyzed people.
We see no limits,
yet we were born within them.
Our children
will give themselves fully
to the deluge,
if we, 
a lost generation,
do not break free of our
p a r a l y s i s.

O, Found.
Unplug and be present.
Take back your privacy.
Lay claim to your thoughts!
Fight the raging wave
to be what this world is not,
g e n u i n e.

We are a lost generation
at the birth of a renaissance.

— --
Analog de Lēon
A moniker of Chris Purifoy
"I follow a brick road for days
until I reach her hollow courts.
It seems the masons
who built her kingdom
erected the castle walls
with the same stones
that paved her
v u l n e r a b i l i t y..."

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